Please check your email spam folders.  We’ve been sending out periodic updates regarding the crowdfunding perks and only 47% of the emails have been opened.

Following is a copy of our latest update:

Hello All-

First and foremost, PLEASE open your emails.  I’ve been sending updates and the last two were delivered to the entire list, but only 60% of the recipients opened their email.  Last fall, an email was sent to the list and only 47% of the recipients opened the message.  I want to keep everyone in the loop and avoid any miscommunications or hurt feelings.  Part of this email was included in the message sent late December.

It may seem like it’s taken a long time to get this film into distribution, when in reality this film has been on an average timeline.  Hollywood films can take ten years or more from concept to screen, perhaps longer, and Family Mission has followed a typical small documentary release schedule.  It’s on me for not fully explaining this early on, and I apologize if this has caused you anxiety.

We make films that honor the fallen because Hollywood won’t do it.  Industry funding for these films is nonexistent and the crowdfunding campaigns are essential to our mission.  This is my fourth fallen hero film and fourth crowdfunding campaign.  We’ve dealt with thousands of supporters through the years, and every single one has received their perk and/or premium and walked away happy.   We are grateful for your support and will ensure every single one of you walks away satisfied as well.

I feel I owe you a more detailed explanation of the distribution process so you understand what I’ve been up against.

1)  Producers are not updated in real-time.  The distributor takes the film from us and puts it into distribution channels such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.  Those channels typically take nine months to a year or more to report back to the distributor and the distributor then has up to six months to report back to us.  They don’t update us along the way.   So if you rent Family Mission on iTunes today, we won’t know about it until spring of 2019.  The pay schedule is tied to the reporting schedule, so we won’t see a dime from the rental until spring of 2019.

2)  Producers receive a small piece of the rental fee after everyone else gets their piece.  So if you rent the film on iTunes for $10, Apple keeps roughly 60% of that fee.  And then the distributor takes 20% AFTER their marketing expenses are deducted.  So realistically, we’re lucky to see $2.00 per rental, and we see it a year or more after it’s viewed by the customer, as mentioned above.

3)  When we complete a film and contract with a company to distribute the film to the world, we give up most rights to that film.  For example, I am not allowed to burn DVDs and sell them to friends.  If I want to hand out DVDs to family, I have to buy them back from the distributor and pay for them out of pocket.  All of you will soon receive  perks that I’m paying for personally, along with the postage to send them.  I don’t make Hollywood money and work consulting jobs to support projects like these, and this can add to the timeline.   Again, I apologize for not fully explaining this.

4)  While the film is now available on iTunes, Hulu and Amazon, it doesn’t mean the film is selling big numbers.   I’m incredibly proud of Family Mission and believe TJ’s story should be heard by every American.  The reality, however, is that Hollywood spends millions of dollars to promote their films and we have nothing but social media as a means of promotion.  I would therefore greatly appreciate positive reviews on IMDb, iTunes, Amazon and other platforms.  We hope the film will catch fire and build a viral audience, and ultimately raise money for the TJ Lobraico Foundation.

Finally, this crowdfunding campaign is on ME.  TJ’s family participated in the film but otherwise has no responsibility to you for the perk items.  My volunteer team and I have been slowly sending the perk packages out over the past week and will continue to do so until every single person is satisfied.  Please just know that we are working diligently to send out the perks and make everyone well.  All dogtags for the Alpha Pack contributors will be sent by Monday, January 22nd.  The other perk packages will be sent out over the next few weeks.

Once again, I’ve included a link below to a digital version of Family Mission and hope that you get a chance to view it.

As a token of my appreciation for you patience, I’ve also included links to MURPH and Ride for Lance, two of my hero films that are now in distribution.

Thanks again for the incredible support and patience, and for helping us honor TJ.  Please get back to me at this address if you have any questions or concerns.

-Scott Mactavish

These are the full retail versions like those found on iTunes and Amazon.  You can stream them on your computer or mobile device, or on a smart TV, Apple TV, Roku, Google Play, Xbox, etc.  Just look for the Vimeo app and plug in the URL and password.


Family Mission:

PW:  reapers

MURPH: The Protector

PW:  DDG112

Ride for Lance

PW:  navy


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